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Retevis Two Way Radios

Retevis Two Way Radios

Retevis Two Way Radios

What Is Two Way Radio?

The term two-way radio is a technology that allows individuals to keep in contact with each other using radio waves. it has the ability to both transmit and receive a radio signal,A two way radio is also commonly called a transceiver, because it can both transmit and receive radio communications. In either case, the radio operates two ways; it can send and it can receive. Two-way radios are available in a variety of configurations, including mobile, stationary, and hand-held (also known as walkie-talkies).

As a professional developer and manufacturer of wireless two-way communication equipment, RETEVIS is owned by HONGKONG RETEVIS TRADE CO.,LTD. Starting from 2008, RETEVIS has been better serving the needs of different consumers. RETEVIS specializes in two way radio and accessories, RETEVIS two-way radio has been widely used in all kinds of industry,such as walkie talkies for kids, walkie talkie for adults,walkie talkie for outdoor,waterproof walkie talkie, license-free walkie talkie.

Retevis RT22 Rechargeable Voice Activated Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT22 rechargeable walkie talkie is specifically made for outdoor activities like skiing, hunting, camping and hiking. It is portable in size and it is also powered by 4 lithium ion batteries. This radio has an emergency button that you can press when in an emergency situation and it also automatically saves the battery life when it is not in use. They offer a 2 years warranty and 2 months warranty for the radio accessories. The two-way radio has a short and fixed antenna which makes it easy for you handle and pocket, but the antenna can cause limitations in the range covered by the radio because it is short and can not be replaced.

Retevis RB46 durable Walkie Talkies for construction

retevis RB46  walkie talkie is suitable for construction. The radio that can cover up to 25 floors of range. The body is made to be anti-slip so that you can grip it easily. It produce a quality sound when you receive signals. The two-way radio is powered by 2 lithium polymer batteries and it automatically saves power when it is not used. It also has an LCD display screen that shows you information about your channel status and other necessary information. IP67 waterproof rating,you can use it for bad environment. However, the radio can not be used for outdoor activities because of its inability to cover a long range and the battery cannot last for more than a day of continuous use.

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