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RF power amplifier

RF power amplifier

RF power amplifier

what is the RF power amplifier?

radio-frequency power amplifier (RF power amplifier) is a type of electronic amplifier that converts a low-power radio-frequency signal into a higher-power signal. Typically, RF power amplifiers drive the antenna of a transmitter. Design goals often include gain, power output, bandwidth, power efficiency, linearity (low signal compression at rated output), input and output impedance matching, and heat dissipatio


The basic applications of the RF power amplifier include driving to another high-power source, driving a transmitting antenna and exciting microwave cavity resonators. Among these applications, driving transmitter antennas is most well known. The transmitter–receivers are used not only for voice and data communication but also for weather sensing (in the form of a radar).

RF power amplifiers using LDMOS (laterally diffused MOSFET) are the most widely used power semiconductor devices in wireless telecommunication networks, particularly mobile networks. LDMOS-based RF power amplifiers are widely used in digital mobile networks such as 2G3G, and 4G.

Below I will introduce you a RF power amplifier with excellent performance.

Retevis RT91 Dual-mode for Digital and Analog Radio. Automatic recognition of digital and analog systems. Use for DMR, dPMR, D-STAR, C4FM, analog FM, etc.

Main features

1, Portable and lightweight

RT91 measures just 139x115x36mm and weigh just 700g making it the perfect companion for field operation without adding a lot of weight.

2, Cleaner Output signal

Harmonic filters on the input allow the amplifier to transmit a cleaner output signal. It will transmit a cleaner, purer signal from your handheld two way radios

3, Support the Handheld Radio.

Our Amplifier RT91 will also work with any handheld radio that outputs 2W–6W. Please check the frequency range before buying this Amplifier, if your radio is with the UHF range, please choose UHF. Otherwise, choose the VHF.

4, Supported Amplification Modes

This  Amplifier RT91 operates from 136-174 MHz or 400-480 MHZ, can be used for analog FM, P25 Phase 1, C4FM (System Fusion), NXDN, IDAS, dPMR, and     MPT1327 modes.

5, Built-In Loud-Speaker

When you connect your handheld radio with the radio control cable; the amplifier will use its own loud 4W built-in speaker to broadcast the incoming audio.

 RF power amplifier,  retevis RT91

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