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The Best handheld two way radio

The Best handheld two way radio

The Best handheld two way radio

Where there is a group, there is communication, which is so vital and critical and we count on public safety personnel to protect ourselves. Especially when devastating disasters fall, t handheld two way radios ensured fast response and seamless communication.

A  handheld two way radio is, as the name suggests, a radio that allows for communication in both directions — sending and receiving signals. When you imagine two-way radios, truck drivers may be the first thing that comes to mind. And though they’re great for staying in communication on the road (for trucks, RVs, and cars too), you don’t need to be driving cross-country to get the most out of a two-way radio. These are ideal for taking hiking, camping or anywhere you may need to send out an SOS. Some radios even offer tracking features, so rescue is always a click away if you get stranded. Read on for our complete buying guide.

Handheld Two-Way Radio Buying Guide

When you’re shopping for the best handheld two way radio, there are multiple factors to consider before you add it to your cart. Here’s what you need to know.

Reliability: Even with cellular towers everywhere nowadays, getting a signal on your phone isn’t always a given, and satellite phones are extremely expensive and impractical to take along. That’s where these offer peace of mind.

Clarity: Modern radios have come a long way from the garbled, unintelligible broadcasts of the past. Today’s two-ways cut down on static and boost voice. A backlit display that’s large and easy to read in dark, rough conditions is important for night driving too.

Connectivity: Modern radios can often connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and have lots of different channels (some with privacy codes) so you can speak freely without being interrupted. You can even have the ability to monitor two channels at once, and get NOAA weather alerts before storms hit.

Build Quality: Since these are often designed for jobs where it’ll risk some rough treatment, most models are durable and can take a beating, along with being waterproof too.

Battery Life: Depending on how long you’ll be away from a power source, there are different options for fueling a radio on-the-go. Rechargeable ones are great, especially via USB, but the option to use a few AAs can be a lifesaving backup. Operating on a lower transmission range can help save battery life as well, and a life of about 15 hours is an average range.

Finally, check the requirements and your local laws before buying. You may need an FCC license to operate some two-ways.

What are the Best  handheld Two-Way Radios?

With the above tips in mind, here are our top picks for buying your next  handheld two way radio.

Revetis RT22 Walkie Talkie

Bottom Line
If you're looking for a great value mini radio, the Revetis RT22 handheld two way radio is a reliable radio, the unit is a combined receiver and transmitter. The Revetis RT22 handheld radio comes with a nifty headset (with volume control) that you probably won't need since the speakers sound really good too.

Fantastic range! We can get to ten miles without a problem. Due to the different obstacles, in the city, the distance range is 1-3 km, the performance of this unit is better than many other walkie-talkies we have used before. It has features that greatly surpass the others, which makes it one of the best. It has 16 preset channels, a call tone with adjustable volume control, 3 hours of play time, and about 16 hours of normal use. It comes with a rechargeable battery for use.


Affordable price


It comes with a 2-year warranty

It comes with decent battery life (up to 5 days of mixed-use)


Sound quality is not exceptional

No built-in flashlight

Not waterproof

Who It’s For

The Retevis RT22 is designed for retail, manufacturing and businesses. Since the Retevis RT22 walkie-talkie is made for outdoor use, too, it would be perfect for camping or hiking. It looks like one of those old-fashioned two-way radios your grandpa used to carry in the car when you were a little kid. But with modern technology under the hood.

​What’s In The Box?​

2 x RT22 Mini and lightweight License-free Two Way Radios

2 x Battery

2 x Belt Clip

1 x Adapter

2 x USB charging cable

  • What are the Functions and Features?

  • The Retevis RT22 handheld two way radio gives you an easy way to get in touch with your co-workers or even your family as it has a range of up to 2.5 miles in optimum conditions. It’s perfect for outdoor leisure, work and any other situation when you need to talk with your group.

    This radio allows you to use VOX (Voice Activated Transmit) function without pressing the PTT (Press To Talk) button, which is really helpful in those circumstances where you need to talk hands free.

    The battery is rechargeable and also has a power saving mode that is activated automatically when the device is left idle for more than ten seconds. When the battery is low, it will trigger a flashing light to alert the user of low battery.

    The Retevis RT22 is compact and durable with a sturdy shell that can resist any bumps and also features a handy belt clip. You’ll also be notified of potential threats when using the emergency alarm function as it sends a signal to notify users of danger. This alert system is particularly useful for first responders.

    This handheld two way radio comes with a multi-gang charging station which includes over-voltage, overcharge, and short circuit protection.

    The channel lock feature gives you uninterrupted coverage when you fix the walkie talkies to one channel. This will restrict line changes and secure privacy. It also comes with an auto squelch feature which helps to reduce background noise during the conversations held with the devices.

    The RT22 handheld two way radio is very affordable at just $22.99,come and to buy.

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