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Truck station satisfactory

Truck station satisfactory

Truck station satisfactory

The Truck Station is a vehicle building used to automatically move cargo to/from motor vehicles and refuel them. It is mostly used paired with automated vehicle routes, although it can operate standalone, such as for the purposes of quick refueling.

The Truck Station has three conveyor inputs and two outputs. Facing the ports side of the station, the leftmost input port (leading into visual fuel tanks in the structure) is used for filling the Truck Station's fuel slot only, while the center inputs and right outputs are used for moving cargo into/from the Truck Station.

Whether the Station loads or unloads can be configured in the UI, with the yellow button being the selected option. Refueling occurs always as long as the Station has fuel to refuel and it is the same fuel as the vehicle already has. Vehicles only receive enough fuel to do a full roundtrip using the current path. Truck Stations do not completely refuel the vehicle.

In order for loading to occur, the Truck Station has to be powered and the vehicle has to be within the building hitbox of the Station. Power will be consumed while any vehicle is in range, even while no items are being moved. Once all vehicles are clear of the truck station, power usage drops to the standard 0.1 MW standby. Automated trucks have to be instructed to stop while recording, which is indicated by a "pause" node. The duration of the stop can be adjusted.

If maximum efficiency is important then Conveyor Belts are best since they require neither power nor fuel. However, laying kilometers of belts is tedious and vehicles moving about are rather satisfying.

For truckers, CB radio is the Internet for truckers, the best choice for them

5 Benefits of a CB Radio For the Truck Driver

1. Receive Updates and Emergency Alerts: Accidents, Traffic, Weather and Police Speed Traps.

2. For Places Without Cell Phone Reception

3. It’s Cheap

4. A Community of Truckers

5. Communicate with Shippers and Receivers

For truck stops, a CB radio is a must

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