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Tactical Throat Microphone

Tactical Throat Microphone

Tactical Throat Microphone

Throat Mic Gain a tactical edge

Communicate clearly and gain a tactical edge with the simple, versatile Throat Microphone headset.

Retevis 1 Pin 3.5mm Throat MIC Earpiece


Transmit clearly and receive privately with the simple, versatile Throat Microphone Headset.

The Throat Microphone Headset helps you transmit clearly in situations where traditional audio accessories just won’t work. The throat microphone is highly versatile – designed to fit almost anyone, work with almost any protective equipment and perform in almost any situation, location or activity.

The Throat Mic converts vibrations from the larynx into audible transmissions. Because it does not rely on traditional sound waves traveling through the air, the throat mic can be worn with a wide variety of protective equipment and heavy clothing – including respirators, protective suits, gas masks, shrouds, helmets, heavy coats and more. Background noise is also virtually eliminated, allowing the Throat Mic to be used to transmit clearly in loud locations.

The Throat Mic allows you listen and transmit discreetly without removing your radio from its carrier. The Throat Microphone headset also helps enhance your safety and performance. The headset allows you to use your hands to protect yourself, operate tools, grasp railings, move items, and perform routine tasks while using your radio.

The Throat Microphone combines a conduction microphone and acoustic-tube earpiece into a single unit that fits comfortably around your neck.  The Throat Microphone converts vibrations from the larynx into clear transmissions, and does not interfere with your gas mask, shroud or other protective gear.  The integrated acoustic tube earpiece places your radio’s speaker in your ear for clear and private radio reception. The throat mic and earpiece are reversible allowing you to wear the headset comfortably with the earpiece in either ear. Transmit using the integrated push to talk button with clothing clip located on the wire connecting the headset to your radio.

The Throat Mic headset is an ideal choice for military, tactical, healthcare professionals, and recreational users requiring a highly versatile and simple headset. The Throat Microphone Headset is available in a wide variety of radio connectors and is compatible with hundreds of radios and other devices.

 Tactical Throat Microphone,  Throat Microphone

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