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Vehicle specific antenna mounts

Vehicle specific antenna mounts

Vehicle specific antenna mounts

Mobile radios are commonly used in industries such as: taxi and limousine services, heating and air (HVAC), in-home appliance or television repair services, police, fire, rescue, and more! and

Mobile two way radios are designed to be installed into a vehicle and connected to an external antenna mounted outside the automobile. Mobile radios are perfect for employees that are on the go to stay in touch with other mobile employees or with a home office. Because of extended range needs, a two way radio system that includes a repeater is recommended. Don't forget, an antenna is required!

When your farm or road trip needs to extend the call distance, equipped with a mobile radio, and needs to install an antenna on the roof, how to install the antenna

Pipe fixture Mobile Radio Antenna Mount Bracket



  1. All of our items are brand new and never used

  2. Stainless steel clip edge

  3. No holes / drilling required

  4. It can rotate 180 degrees

  5. The powerful knob makes it more stable

  6. 4 set-screws insure mount strength for larger  antennas

  7. Universal, manual adjustment direction is  flexible, delicate, thick

  8. 2-axis adjustment gives flexibility in  mounting location like the bumper, luggage  rack and the back of a motorcycle

  9. Color: Black

  10. Weight: 174g

If you want to mount an antenna on your vehicle, you can use Vehicle specific antenna mounts

 vehicle specific antenna mounts,  retevis antenna mount

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