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License free waterproof walkie talkies Green

Super resistance to fall and durability


>Detachable speaker
>High sound quality
>UHF Full-Frequency Radio
>Digital and analog compatible


In stock!!!

The IP67 and float on the water

Vibration Water Draining Function

All USA/Internation/Canadian Marine Channels


GMRS: The General Mobile Radio Service, is a mobile UHF two-way communication service in the United States


Easily amplify your handheld radio to 20-40W (2-6W Input)


Fashionable and Thin Body Digital FM Radio


RT17/RT617 2W/0.5W FRS/PMR446 16 Channels CTCSS/DCS TOT VOX Scan Two Way Radio


IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof.


1, The license-free radio, analog mode.

2, Model RT65 is for US version with FRS band in Black color.

3, Model RT665 is for EU version with PMR446 in Red Color.

3, This radio offers the Type-C charger.



  • Mini body, compact, easy one-handed operation;
  • High quality batteries for long time calls;
  • USB Type-C jack, support multiple charging methods.


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