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  1. Retevis RT86 is a UHF two way radio.
  2. High power, long distance.
  3. The wireless copy function can quickly set up calls.
  4. The flashlight can help you light in the dark.
  5. The programming cable is C9018A
$43.99 $76.99 (42% off)
  1. RB26 is a GMRS two way radio with a USB charger. You can use it as your phone, computer, vehicle, and other devices.
  2. Powerful flashlight light. Unique design with large aperture lighting.
  3. Wireless copy, wireless data transmission between radios, no programming software required.
  4. The programming cable is C9018A
$16.99 $44.99 (62% off)
  1. RT73 is a DMR Ham mobile radio for Amateurs.
  2. The mini size occupies the space of a palm.
  3. Analog and digital mode combined, can help you connect to more radios.
  4. GPS gives you a clear idea of your location even in the wild.
    Note: 25 kHz channel space is not available in USA because of FCC Narrowbanding Requirements.
$179.00 $413.99 (56% off)
  1. No need duplexer.
  2. 2.0-inch color IPS full-view LCD large screen display, soft keyboard operation.
  3. Portable design, fast deployment.
  4. Zone selected Single frequency transfer, Multiple call method options, and SMS Function.
  5. Digital processed voice, clear and loud.
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Support the Chirp software

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  1. Retevis RB25 is a digital radio in the UHF frequency range.
  2. High power, long-distance.
  3. Durable Rugged Shell.
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H777S rechargeable walkie talkies FRS Business Radio

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The Mini, Thin, Lightweight License-free Radio

$23.99 $62.99 (61% off)
  1. Outdoor ultra-high temperature operation warning.
  2. Optional transparent protective mask, shawl, windproof, dustproof, and fireproof (need to be purchased separately).
  3. They are two way radios for manufacturing, constructing, etc.
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