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Dual-Way Counter Intercoms radio

Dual-Way Counter Interphone Audio Anti-interference Window Intercom System

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Anti-interference Noise-Free

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  • Clear sound quality and long range
  • Duplex mode: You can speak to another user if they are speaking at the same time.
  • 10 selectable channels, Features an enhanced anti-interference and can work with other walkie-talkies when with same frequencies and CTCSS code.
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  1. Retevis RB36 is an FRS license-free radio.
  2. Can be hung or fixed to the wall or desktop for easy use.
  3. High power, wide coverage.
  4. It is good for business.
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Portable Wearable Video Recorder camera

1. 1080P Full HD video recording with audio, helps you collect more clear videos.
2. 2650mAh rechargeable battery, Long working time

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  1. Outdoor Ultra High Temperature Warning
  2. Shockproof and Sturdy Helmet
  3. Local and Remote Emergency Alarm
  4. 3800mAh Li ion Battery
  5. Standby Time Up to 130 Hours
  6. Double LED Flashlight

NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download

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