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Nationwide Two Way Radios & Poc Radios(LTE radios)

Poc Radios communicate over 4G/3G networks. Can be used wherever there is a 4G/3G signal. Communication distance can be unlimited.

Two Way Radios in this category work using cellular towers and Wi-Fi to provide national coverage. These walkie talkies work anywhere there's a cellular signal which is over 93% of the United States. You'll find a host of products including Handheld Walkie Talkies, Mobile Units, Dispatch Software with GPS, and Apps to communicate via your existing cellular phone. Push to talk Over Cellular (PoC) is very similiar to the old Nextel network.

We need to communicate up to 30 miles from our Office, are there regional plans? No, the pricing is designed to be affordable for local opportunities as well as customers needing to communicate coast to coast.

Who uses Nationwide Two Way Radios?

Florists, Plumbers, Local Courriers, Security Companies, Schools, Construction Companies, and a host of others are benefiting from nationwide two way radios.

How quickly can I implement nationwide two way radios?

We can have you connected as fast as tomorrow.

Do I need an FCC License?

No licenses, no maintenance, and no upfront costs.

Why not just use cellular phones?

Cellular phones do not allow for group communication at the touch of a button, nor are they legal for most commercial vehicle operators to use while driving. Push to talk over cellular devices meet DOT requirements for walkie talkies being used.

How does the dispatch console work?

You're able to log in and see where every active device is at any time. Additionally, there are cookies showing where the device has been throughout the day. You can also communicate with the device using a desktop microphone.

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