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How to Build a Radio Repeater?

In this article, we'll learn what a radio repeater is, how it works, and how to make a DIY repeater.  ...

Read more  How to make a repeater,  repeater

Do stubby antennas work as well as the regular length 2 way radio antennas?

The short antenna provides the same coverage as a normal length antenna.  ...

Read more  antenna,  short antenna,  normal length antenna.


NOAA's National Weather Service is building a Weather-Ready Nation by providing better information for better decisions to save lives and livelihood.Looking for your local weather forecast? Input your Zip Code or City/State in the "Customize Your" box at  ...

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What is the range of UHF radios?

This article is about what is the range of UHF radios in urban conditions?  ...

Read more  UHF radio,  the range of UHF radios

Fully integrated control hand microphone car station-RETEVIS RA86

This article mainly discusses the latest RETEVIS mobile radio fully integrated control mobile microphone bus station-RETEVIS RA86  ...

Read more  retevis RA86,  Car radio

Retevis RB66/RB666 Fast Charging Free-Licence Two Way Radio

When you need to use the walkie-talkie frequently, then it is very important to ensure sufficient power, fast-charging walkie-talkie, you can quickly charge in 1-1.5 hours, so that you always keep in the call state.  ...

Read more  Fast Charging two way radio,  license-free radio

How big of a power supply do i need two way radio?

The blog mainly talk about how do you choose the right power supply for your radio?  ...

Read more  power supply for your radio

Tactical Throat Microphone

Throat Mic Gain a tactical edge Communicate clearly and gain a tactical edge with the simple, versatile Throat Microphone headset.  ...

Read more  Tactical Throat Microphone,  Throat Microphone

Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphones

The article focuses on the retevis noise-cancelling headset for walkie-talkies  ...

Read more  Noise Reduction Headphones

How to set encryption on Ailunce HD1?

This section mainly talks about the use of radio communication, if you want to encrypt the call, you can use aliunce HD1, and how to set the encryption on Ailunce HD1  ...

Read more  Ailunce HD1,  encryption setting,  ham radio

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