RT5R Walkie Talkie 5W 128CH UHF+VHF FM Radio Two Way Radio

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1, The Classic Ham radio that can be programmed by its keypad.

2, The best choice for Preppers with the FM radio,

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New Black RETEVIS RT-5R Walkie Talkie 5W 128CH UHF + VHF DTMF VOX Dual  Band Dual Frequency FM Radio Two Way Radio


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Basic Function
Color Black
Dual band / dual display / dual standby A/B band independent operation( UV UU VU VV )
128 groups channels storage Shortcut menu operation mode
VFO & Memory channels scan Emergency Alarm
Time-out Timer (TOT) 0~9 grades VOX selectable
PTT & ANI ID FM radio and 25 stations storage
Voice companding 50 CTCSS/105 DCS
High/Low TX power selectable DTMF function
Wide/Narrow Band(25kHz/12.5kHz) Yes
VOX function Yes
Busy channel lock-out(BCLO) Yes
Busy lockout function Yes
Scanning function Yes
Monitor function Yes
Time-out Timer (TOT) function Yes
LCD display Yes
Dual display Yes
Battery voltage display function Yes
Channel name display and editing functions Yes
Signal strength indicator Yes
Keypad lock function Yes
Built-in Led torch Yes
FM radio Yes
Wire clone function Yes
Emergency alarm function Yes
Low battery alarm Yes
Power saving function Yes
Tone end of transmission Yes
Chinese and English voice prompt Yes
PC software programmable Yes
Basic Descriptions
Rated Voltage 7.4V DC±10%
Output power 5W
Battery type Li-ion battery
Channel 128
Battery capacity 1800mAh
Working temperature -20~+50 ℃
Antenna Impedance 50ohm
Weight 200g (Not Antenna)
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 110x58x32mm (Not Antenna )
Frequency range UHF:400-520MHz + VHF:136-174MHz
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
High/Low TX power selectable VHF:5W/1W UHF:4W/1W
Frequency step 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25kHz
Carrier wave tolerance 5ppm
Modulation 16kΦF3E / 11kΦF3E
Max frequency deviation < 5kHz(Wide) < 2.5kHz(Narrow)
Modulation character 6 dB per fold frequency patch
Emission current < 1.6A(5W)
CTCSS / DCS 0.5±0.1kHz(Wide) 0.3±0.1kHz(Narrow)
Sensitivity < 0.16 µV(12dB SINAD)
Silent sensitivity < 0.2 µV
Intermediation Distortion <10%
Inter modulation 60dB
Adjacent channel selectivity(    wide/narrow) <-65dB(Wide) <-60dB(Narrow)

Package include

  • 1 X Portable  radio
  • 1 X Antenna
  • 1 X Li-ion  battery pack
  • 1 X LI-ion  charger
  • 1 X Belt clip
  • 1 X Earpiece
  • 1 X Sling
  • 1 X User's  manual
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très bonne radio meilleure qualité que sur aliexpress 30 kms de portée bonne autonomie de batterie programmable le top

Great radios

The radios are just what we needed. Their small and easy to handle. The range is great and will come in very handy as we expand our working area.

Their small and easy to handle

Awesome! I use these radios to run a small security company and they work better than the previous one I had. They look very professional too and my guards said they work accurately. Also, shipping was very fast.

Probably going to buy more of these.

Great Radios at a great price

Great radios

Awesome radios! My dad works on ferry and he said these are nicer than the ones they use on the boat! Hours of fun!! Camping, hide and seek!

Have used a well-known different brand for years.They usually last about 9 months here, and there were way too many places we had reception dead spots.Was shocked at the difference. Multiple channels, squelch, everything.Great construction We love thes

Have used a well-known different brand for years. They usually last about 9 months here, and there were way too many places we had reception dead spots. Was shocked at the difference. Multiple channels, squelch, everything. Great construction We love these.

Best reception.

I think they are Great! I own a Security Company, although buildings block the signal somewhat, they are very well made, and very good looking radios, I am sure if I was not in the middle of a heavily populated are I would get more range, I am getting about 2 miles from insode my home to one of my patrols and they are inside their car. So I am happy with the radios and the price is excellent, quality is good not made cheap and look nice also. Everyone I have shown them to likes them and are impressed.

Great radio, I order two more

Great radio, I order two more

Awesome radios! My dad works on ferry and he ...

An excellent product. It does take awhile to learn all of the operations. The only negative is the operations manual which has about 4 point type and is virtually unusable. But the product works as advertised.

Missing Radio

Pretty solid quality, distance could be better but to be fair in a suburban neighborhood. Looking forward to trying them in the open. Live the two mic attachments. My children love them.

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