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IP67 waterproof

NRC noise reduction

Floating in the water

$92.99 $132.99 -30%
  1. Retevis RB37 is a  license-free radio.
  2. The built-in Bluetooth can connect your wireless earpiece.
  3. The walkie talkie with earpiece.
  4. The wireless copy function can quickly establish a call channel.
  5. The programming cable is C9018A
$32.99 $87.99 -62%

RT21V Murs Business Radio 6 pacs

$148.99 $189.99 -21%
  1. Retevis RT29 Walkie Talkies for Adults Long Range.
  2. Heavy Duty Two Way Radios with 3200mAh Rechargeable.
  3. Emergency Alarm 2 Way Radios with Charging Station(6 Pack) .
  4. The programming cable is J9131P
$287.99 $775.99 -62%

GMRS Frequency: TX: 462MHz  RX:467MHz

16CH,  the repeater can connect the gmrs two way radio

$420.99 $670.99 -37%
  • For Custom Frequency, it takes usually 2 weeks to Ship.

  • Can be customized within the range UHF: 400-470MHz or VHF: 136-174MHz

  • We will ship according to the standard adaptor of the destination country.

$420.99 $670.99 -37%

In stock version:

  1. VHF-10mHz-Stock: Offset 10mhz, Tx:162.6125mhz and RX:152.6125MHZ.
  2. UHF-10mhz-Stock: Offset 10mhz, TX: 463.3125mhz and RX: 453.3125MHZ
$420.99 $670.99 -37%
  • Retevis Original Design
  • The built-in sound card can be connected to the Raspberry Pi through a data cable. (data cable sold separately)
$452.99 $699.99 -35%
  1. High Power, long range radio
  2. VHF radio
  3. Call Encryption function 
    NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download
$75.99 $140.99 -46%
on sale
  1. High-power, long distance wakie talkies for business and outdoor.
  2. High-capacity battery with long standby time and long working time.
  3. RT29 can be used in dust and wet environments.
  4. The programming cable is J9131P
$55.99 $114.99 -51%

1. 15mm Ultra-thin, portable radio
2. 1620mAh large battery, Can work 15 hours.
3.  type-C charging

$23.99 $34.99 -31%
  •   Low Cost high power 5W GMRS handheld Radios
$18.99 $46.99 -59%

Professional RB22 DMR ham radio works in a UHF frequency band.

It is the first semi-keyboard ham radio that brings a new experience.

And the 1.77-inch color screen can provide a wonderful visual experience.

More importantly, you can use it in your business because of the features and features that make employees enjoy their work more.

NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download

$138.99 $183.39 -24%
on sale

Waterproof high power GMRS mobile radio RB86, the perfect communication solution for Jeeps,UTVs, off-road and other vehicles.

NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download

$111.99 $262.99 -57%

1, Simple design. Small and thin.

2, FRS frequency band use without burden.

3, Easy charging with Type-C charger.

4, The programming cable is C9018A.

5, NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download

$26.99 $72.99 -63%

1, Retevis RB23 is the handheld gmrs radio with repeater capability.

2, IP67 waterproof GMRS walkie talkies, the most powerful radios.

3, The programming cable is J9131P

4, NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download

$33.99 $95.99 -64%
on sale

GMRS solutions kits,help you to build your GMRS communcation system.

$589.99 $1,209.99 -51%

1, NOAA weather Channel functions

2, Whistle Belt Clip function

3, Rechargeable Batteries

NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download

$49.99 $109.99 -54%
on sale

1, This hand-portable radio is perfect as an entry-level radio
2, This License-free radio is one of the bestselling FRS radios on the market.
3, IP67 Waterproof and dustproof RT47 radio make you no worry about the rain and wet.
4, Retevis RT47 is perfect for smaller coverage areas needs such as smaller schools, hotels, warehouses, or construction sites.

$31.99 $64.99 -50%


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