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MURS with the Removable Antenna

$26.99 $88.99 (69% off)

1, Rechargeable Battery and Compatible with Standard Battery 

2, Comes with Desk Charger (2 in 1)

3, 80 Channels, the best choice for Australian and New Zealand


H777S rechargeable walkie talkies FRS Business Radio

$31.99 $48.99 (34% off)

Brand: Retevis

Model: RB27B

The RB27B is a multi-functional handheld radio. It can adapt to a variety of scenarios and needs. The large-screen LCD display, the two-color injection molding design, the strong LED flashlight, and the emergency alert function can make the RB627B a powerful helper for outdoor activities. What's more, it is license-free, VOX, monitor, scan, dual-band function can provide more help for the staff. RB27B, you are deserved to have it.

$22.99 $51.99 (55% off)
$80.99 $139.99 (42% off)
  1. Retevis RT56B is a license-free FRS two way radio for manufacturing, constructing, and other explosive workplaces.
  2. 22 channels can avoid busy channels.
  3. The best frs explosion-proof radio for workers
$68.99 $207.99 (66% off)

1. Retevis new generation wide-narrow converged communication wireless intercom smart system.

2. DMR and Analog, narrow-band private network technologies, 3G/4G LTE, WLAN, and other wide-band technologies.

3. Provide end-to-end voice, data, and other full-service convergence solutions.

$2,399.00 $4,128.99 (41% off)

H777 License-free Radio walkie talkie rechargeable

$13.99 $44.99 (68% off)

1, The Classic Ham radio.
2, The best choice for Preppers.

$25.99 $61.99 (58% off)

1. Long range walkie talkie with high power.

2. The best choice for Preppers with the FM radio.

3. The classic ham radio with dual band and keyboard.

4. It is the EU version.

$22.99 $56.99 (59% off)

1, No distance Limited POC Radio

2, Suitable for 3G, 4G and Wifi Network

3, Support PTT APP

Note: SIM cards cannot be used, AT&T needs a contract machine to access the network, and only machines with permission to access the network can use their cards. It is recommended to select "Internet of Things Card", which requires the device to enable roaming mode.
Purchase can refer to: https://reurl.cc/g0YDLb

$125.99 $202.99 (37% off)

two way radio mobile

$227.99 $620.99 (63% off)
$34.99 $73.99 (52% off)
  1. helmet walkie-talkie
  2. the Best two-way radios for manufacturing, constructing, etc.
$50.99 $139.99 (63% off)
  1. Retevis RB29 is a license-free PMR446 radio.
  2. The wireless copy function can build a call channel quickly and easily.
  3. RB29 can be used for businesses, groups, and organizations.
$30.99 $87.99 (64% off)


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