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Ham radio kits to build

Ham radio kits to build

Ham radio kits to build

Ham radio kits bring the greatest sense of accomplishment there is ... well, OK, 

Yes! Amateur radio kits do indeed provide double-action pleasure.

  1. You obtain a valuable piece of equipment at a very affordable price.
  2. You build it yourself ... and it works!
  3. Building kits can be an excellent way to build up an amateur radio station, especially if funds are limited, or for many people it grows their experience and understanding of electronic and RF circuitry. Building equipment can be a key part of the hobby for many people as it is constructive and educational.

    Building equipment has been one of the mainstays of amateur radio, and many people find great enjoyment and fulfilment from building their own equipment.

    Although it is still possible to buy the basic components and build circuits and equipment from scratch, often buying and then building a kit can be more time efficient and provide a better finished item at the end.

  4. Buying amateur radio kits: what is available

    Although most people buy completed equipment, there is still a very good selection of kits that can be bought.

    There is a good selection of kits that can be bought for items like low power, “QRP” transmitters and transceivers as well as some receivers on their own. These are normally for Morse only as this considerably simplifies the circuitry, making these kits quite easy to build.

    In addition to this, there are many kits for ancillary items like VSWR meters, antenna equipment, small power amplifiers for VHF, etc. All of these kits and more can be easily bought and built.

    Although one of the issues with kit building may be that a suitable case of box is not available, this is not always true and often a special case is available as part of the kit or as an additional option.

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