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What is ham radio?

At its core, ham radio is the licensed use of radio equipment for private recreation, experimentation, self-training, practice, emergency communications, or any other non-commercial use. In the United States the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the Amateur Radio service and issues licenses to allow "hams" to work the airwaves.

What can I do with a ham radio?

  • Local operation with FM repeaters
  • Long distance (around the world) operation with HF
  • "Chat" with text over the radio with digital modes like RTTY, PSK31, etc
  • Network computers over the radio with Packet
  • Send video over the radio with ATV (Amateur Television)
  • Design and build antennas
  • Emergency Communications
  • Contesting
  • Push the limits of low power (QRP) operation
  • How do I get licensed?

    Before you can start using ham radio, you need to be licensed. Fortunately, that isn't hard! Here are the basic requirements:

    There are three levels of Amateur Radio license; to get a higher level you must pass the requirements for the lower level plus the exam for the higher level. They are (in this order):

    • Technician Class
    • General Class
    • Amateur Extra class

    Amateur radio licensing is managed by the Federal Communications Commision (FCC). Being licensed means that your name is listed in the FCC Universal Licensing System with an associated ham radio callsign.

Study tips

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