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How to choose the best mobile antenna?

How to choose the best mobile antenna?

How to choose the best mobile antenna?

We recommend considering the following when selecting the best mobile antenna for your specific application.

1. What frequency or frequencies do you need to be able to operate in?
We have included a quick frequency guide below you should consider when selecting your antenna.

VHF (Very High Frequency) at 136-174 MHz
Best Suited For Outdoor applications where the maximum range is required with little to no obstructions and typically used for rural two-way radio systems.

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) at 403-470 MHz
Best Suited For Indoor applications or environments with obstructions and typically used for the city two-way radio systems.

700/800/900 MHz Frequency range 
Best Suited For Organizations that need excellent in-building coverage.

Ham Radio Antenna Frequency range 1.8 Mhz to 440 MHZ.
Best Suited For Ham Radio/Amateur Radio Users

Multi-band Mobile Antenna for 3G/4G(LTE), WiFi, GPS(GNSS), ISM, and other Technologies.
Best Suited For Transportation agencies, and public safety.

Retevis MR100 Magnet mount & antenna for Mobile Car Radio

Retevis MR100 Car Radio Antenna, Dual Band VHF/UHF, Mobile Magnet Mount & Antenna Combination, SL16/PL259, Compatible for RT95 RT98 RT90 RT73 RA25 Mobile Car Radio.

About this item

    • Car Radio Antenna; dual band frequency antenna covers 144/43MHz
    • Antenna gain to extend the range of your mobile radio
    • Strong magnet mount base attaches easily to your roof or trunk lid
    • Coaxial cable; 3.9m coaxial cable ensures you have enough extension distance
    • Maximum power is 7 W; high gain 2.15/3.5dBi; Antenna length 479mm

    The base is heavy, once placed on the car it does not slide, the wires connect smoothly to the CB and are long enough.

    Easy to hook up and easy to adjust easy to attach, strong magnets, and screws are nice and tight and hold that way. Strong antenna looks good and easy to adjust; works well right out of the box; get a longer antenna for better reception and transmission.


    Model: Retevis MR100 
    Frequency range: 144/430MHz (136-174MHz and 400-470MHz) Impedance.

    50Ω Max Power: 70 W

    Gain: 2.15/3.5dBi Connector Type: SL16-J/PL259-J Coaxial Cable Type: RG58 C/U Coaxial Cable Length: 3.9m

    Height (magnet mount and antenna): 479mm 

    Diameter of base: 90mm 

    Weight (magnet bracket and antenna): 550g 

    Package includes. 1 magnet bracket (including coaxial cable) 1 antenna

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