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How To Choose the Right Speaker Microphone for Your Two-Way Radio

How To Choose the Right Speaker Microphone for Your Two-Way Radio

How To Choose the Right Speaker Microphone for Your Two-Way Radio

Once you’ve decided on the best retevis Radio for your needs, the next step is to determine the right audio accessory for your two-way radio. For many businesses the Speaker Microphone is the accessory of choice for audio clarity, wear-ability, and durability.

Carefully selecting the right speaker microphone for your use case and operational environments can make a huge difference in terms of user satisfaction and adoption of the equipment. After all, without a usable microphone that’s suited to the requirements of your personnel, two-way radios would cease to provide the reliable, instantaneous communication that you need.

Carefully consider the following factors to choose the right microphone for your two-way radio.

Operational Features

Your operating environment will dictate some of your microphone needs for your two-way radio solution. Consider the following categories.

Protection from water and dust – IP Rating
Radio users who work outdoors or in rugged environments may need a higher ingress protection (IP) rating than office or light duty workers. The first digit in an IP rating refers to the ingress of solids, while the second digit refers to the ingress of liquids.

The retevis waterproof speaker mics have at least a “5” rating for dust and particles, meaning dust protected.  A few models have a “6” rating which is the maximum on the scale which would be considered dust tight.

The retevis waterproof speaker have at least a “4” rating for water, meaning it can handle splashing water.  Speaker mics that are considered water submersible carry a “7” rating or better, meaning they can handle water submersion for 1 meter for at least 30 minutes.

Collaborate with internal stakeholders to determine the IP rating that’s necessary for safe, continuous operation of your two-way speaker microphones.

When used on construction sites or farms, you can use the Bluetooth microphone, you can use the Bluetooth microphone directly to make calls without bringing the walkie-talkie with you.

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