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digital portable radio

digital portable radio

digital portable radio

The two-way radio market has seen a digital boom in the last five years. From the introduction of MotoTRBO to the FCC's narrowbanding initiative, digital is front and center in the two-way radio market. 

Are you considering going digital with your two-way radio system and are shocked at some of the expensive offers you've seen? We can help you. There is no denying that digital two-way radios are a terrific improvement for two-way radio users. Digital two-way radios provide one-to-one communications, expanding channel capacity, and in some cases, are being mandated by the FCC. There are several types of digital two-way radios available to customers today, and at best all digital two-way radios are only semi-collaborative with available This presents the challenge of whether you want to replace part of your two-way radio or the entire unit. If you want to communicate over a wide area or with a repeater, TDMA or FDMA digital is the best way to go. If you are a smaller business, school, church or nursing home, Retevis's frequency hopping technology is less costly and does not require coordination with the FCC. It's a win!

RB22 Professional Semi-keyboard UHF DMR Radio

The large screen allows users to quickly view information and improve user satisfaction. 

The 250 channels are in one zone, and 16 channels with pre-programming frequency in Zone 1. So, users can program all the channels and zones according to their own needs.

Up to 200 hours of recorded calls can help you remember every important call.

The RB22 meets hams' expectations for radio, while features such as a fall warning, remote stun and kill, etc, give commercial users another new option.

Users can set and program the DTMF signaling via PC software to disable or enable some advanced function of the radio.

Retevis RB22 Portable radio, small size, 1.7-inch color screen, and more importantly, you can use it in your business because of the features and features that make employees enjoy their work more.

 digital portable radio,  retevis RB22

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