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How to get a GMRS license-Apply for GMRS certificate?

How to get a GMRS license-Apply for GMRS certificate?

How to get a GMRS license-Apply for GMRS certificate?

1. After successfully applying for the FRN number, click FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS), then click "File Online"
2. Fill in the FRN number and password, click "Submit"
License Manager   Login
3. After logging in, select "Apply for a New License"
License Manager   My Licenses
4. On the "Apply for a New License" page, select "ZA - General Mobile Radio (GMRS)", then click "CONTINUE"
License Manager   Select Service
5. On the "Application Questions" page, select "No" for all, then click "CONTINUE"
License Manager   Applicant Questions
6. On the “Licensee Name and Address" page, fill in the basic personal information, and then click "CONTINUE".
License Manager   Licensee Name and Address
7. On the "Basic Qualification Information" page, if you have no criminal record, select "No", then click "CONTINUE".
License Manager   Basic Qualification Information(7)
8. On the "Summary" page, double check that the information is correct, and click "CONTINUE TO CERTIFY" after reconfirmation.
License Manager   Summary(8)
9. On the "Certification" page, fill in the first and last name, then click "Submit Application".
License Manager   Certification(9)
10. On the "Confirmation" page, you can see the order number, check the name carefully, if it is correct, click "Continue for Payment Options".
License Manager   Confirmation(10)
11. On the "Electronic Form 159" page, enter the FRN number and password, click "Log In".
Electronic Form 159
12. On the "Select a Payment Method" page, there are 4 payment methods available, select one of them and click "Continue", the page will pop up a jump prompt, click "OK" to jump to the payment page.
Electronic Form 159
13. After a few days of successful payment, you will receive an email that the FCC GMRS certificate has been successfully registered.

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