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How to upgrade your RA85 GMRS radio?

How to upgrade your RA85 GMRS radio?

How to upgrade your RA85 GMRS radio?

How can I switch to the wideband on my GMRS radio? What is the range of it? Why cannot I talk to other radios? Where can I download the software? How to set up the functions on the radio? Are you still concerned about these questions? The upgraded RA85 GMRS radio can work well according to your needs. And in this blog, you can find how to upgrade your RA85 radio, the GMRS UHF frequency range, and detailed information about the changes.

How to upgrade your RA85 GMRS radio.

  1. You have to check the version of your radio. Holding the sidekey 2 button to turn on your radio, if it shows a radio version on the screen, you can upgrade your RA85 radio directly. If not, it means you cannot use this way to upgrade your radio in low. Please chat with us on Facebook messager.
  2. Please download the new software on the page,
  3. Then, you have to connect your radio to your computer. Install and run the upgrade application 'CPS upgrade(COMM).exe'.
  4. Next, upload the upgrade file 'Retevis_RA85_006_20220622.bin' to this application. Follow this picture. cps RA85
  5. Choose the serial port and click the upgrade button. When the number 4 bar is completed, means you've done the upgrade. And finally, you can program your radio in the new software.

The UHF frequency range

The highest power of handheld GMRS radio is 5W. It is higher than an FRS license-free radio. So, the GMRS UHF frequency range is longer than the FRS UHF frequency range. According to the customers' feedback, the range of a GMRS radio is about 1.5 miles in a normal workplace. If you stand at attitude, the frequency range is longer than in the city. And you can also connect to a GMRS repeater to expand your UHF frequency range. For example, RA85 talks to another RA85 in 1.5-2 miles, but if you can connect to a repeater RT97 GMRS version, the talking range can expand to more than 5 miles, and even expand to 10 more miles if you build the antenna in the top of roof or tree.

What changes to the new RA85 GMRS radio.

  1. The default wideband. You cannot switch the narrowband to wideband before, but now, RA85 is the first GMRS radio to set the wideband as default, and you can also switch the band in the software. It is good for out-of-the-box users.
  2. The new menu list creates the narrowband and wideband switch function. So, you can switch the band on the radio.
  3. Still has the CTCSS/DCS codes on the radio. However, you can press the PTT button and 8 key to turn on the radio, then you can remove all the CTCSS/DCS codes on the radio.
  4. You will know, there are 60 channels on the radio. The frequencies 467.5625, 467.6125, 467.6625, 467.7125, 467.5875, 467.6375, and 467.6875MHz, the narrowband and low power are fixed. And you cannot change it in the software.
  5. You can name the channel in the software. A new row for users to mark the channels.

And if you need more recommendations on our GMRS radios, please reference Which GMRS radio you cannot leave. So, here is the detailed information about the RA85 GMRS radio, and now, we have some discounts on our GMRS devices like RT97 repeater, mobile radios, and handheld radios.  If you need a wholesale price or other customized needs, please email us or leave a comment below.  

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