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Skiing for beginners

Skiing for beginners

Skiing for beginners

Skiing for the first time can feel extremely nerve-wracking. In fact, all skiers start as beginners, legs shaking, falling over sideways, and swerving left and right trying not to lose your balance or crash into anything. Let’s face it: there’s no hidden secret to skiing for beginners, besides just…doing it.

Skiing for Beginners: Top Tips for First-Time Skiers

1. Pack warm and waterproof clothing

2. Wear goggles & a helmet

3. Choose a beginner-friendly ski resort

  • Gear rentals
  • Ski lessons (group or private)
  • Bunny hills and beginner-friendly “green” trails

4. Rent your larger equipment

5. Take an introductory lesson

6. Forget the poles (for now)

7. Opt for an all-in-one package

8. Bend your knees

9. Embrace the “pizza” formation

10. Look up, not down

11. Start out on smooth, easy slopes

12. Don’t be afraid of falling

13. Take lots of breaks & hydrate often

14. Learn to control your speed

15. Practice makes perfect (so just keep doing it!)

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