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Weather Frequencies near me

Weather Frequencies near me

Weather Frequencies near me

Got a weather radio? Looking for weather radio channels or NOAA station listing frequencies in your area? I have some answers and links for you…

A NOAA weather radio will have 7 channels assigned to them. Each channel represents one of seven frequencies between 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz.

Weather Radio Station NOAA Frequencies & Channels

There are two different channel numbering systems used by various weather radio manufacturers regarding the seven allocated frequencies. A chronological sequence and a frequency sequence.

NOAA Frequency Sequence Channel Assignment

This method is popular and the most common. Simply an increasing radio frequency sequence. Your weather radio channel number sequence may follow this method – check your radio’s documentation.

1 = 162.400 Mhz
2 = 162.425 Mhz
3 = 162.450 Mhz
4 = 162.475 Mhz
5 = 162.500 Mhz
6 = 162.525 Mhz
7 = 162.550 Mhz

Chronological Sequence of NOAA Frequencies

The chronological sequence is the sequence to which the radio frequencies were allocated over time to the service. This ordered sequence is used by (some) weather radio manufacturers.

1 = 162.550 Mhz
2 = 162.400 Mhz
3 = 162.475 Mhz
4 = 162.425 Mhz
5 = 162.450 Mhz
6 = 162.500 Mhz
7 = 162.525 Mhz

Weatheradio: find your network in CA

Over 90 per cent of Canadians live within range of a Weatheradio transmitter. Broadcast range for a Weatheradio transmitter is approximately 60 kilometres, but this depends on things like terrain, the quality of the receiver, and the antenna height above ground.

Weatheradio broadcasts on the frequencies 162.400, 162.425, 162.450, 162.475, 162.500, 162.525, and 162.550 MHz. At selected locations, low power broadcasts without the alert tone are transmitted on the regular FM or AM band. A Weatheradio receiver is not required to hear these broadcasts.

Before you buy a receiver, make sure your area is covered by one of these transmitters.

If your local Weatheradio transmitter service is experiencing any technical and/or content issues, please email

 Weather Frequencies

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