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Two Way Radios For Volunteer Fire and EMS

Volunteer Fire and EMS

Two way radios are a critical tool for volunteer firefighters and emergency personnel. The ability to provide quick and reliable alerts that an emergency has occurred is essential, and reliable communication at the scene can literally mean life or death.

Fire and EMS personnel carry a radio constantly, but need to be able to move quickly and without restriction. To achieve this, look for smaller radios and avoid bulky ones. Since communications are needed over large areas, a powerful radio that can integrate with a repeater system is usually needed. Durability is also key, and a waterproof radio is recommended. Often volunteer firefighters are alerted via a pager. Consider a two way radio that integrates paging and message playback functionality to eliminate the need to carry two devices.

We recommend minimum 5 watt radios with repeater capability. It's critical that you research ahead of time and know what type of system that you will need to connect to. There are several variables, such as UHF/VHF or digital requirement.

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