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Two Way Radios For Medical Office

Medical Office

As medical practices struggle to find ways to improve efficiency, many are finding two way radios to be the ideal tool. Equipping technicians and other staff members with radios provides a quick and simple way to receive notification when patients are checked in, or when part of a patient's procedure is finished and they are ready to see a different staff member.

Medical offices using two way radios have found that radios quickly pay for themselves in increased efficiency and turnaround time. They are often considerably less expensive and provide more functionality than other products designed specifically for the medical field.

Medical offices are usually relatively small, so two way radio range is not a big concern. Because of this, small, lightweight radios are typically the preferred option. Hospitals or very large practices that are located over multiple floors may need a more powerful, or even a repeater capable, radio. Single channel radios are adequate for most practices, but multi-channel models may be helpful if you have several groups that need to have separate communications.


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