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Microphone and Speaker for two way radio

Retevis speaker microphones offer a variety of rugged designs built for a vast range of applications from demanding heavy duty use to professional light duty use.  ...

Read more  Microphone and Speaker ,  Microphone and Speaker for two way radio

Analog and Digital Radios

The article mainly introduces what is the analog intercom and digital intercom  ...

Read more  Analog Radio ,  Digital Radio

How do i make a FTDI cable?

using cheap Nokia data cables as a compatible "FTDI cable  ...

Read more  FTDI cable ,  make a FTDI cable out of a usb

What is Two Way Radio Encryption?

Two Way Radio with Encryption function, This prevents other people from listening in on your conversations and is important in sensitive industries like law enforcement, first responders, and hospital use.  ...

Read more  retevis RT81P ,  Two Way Radio Encryption

Is cb radio dead?

CB Radios aren’t dead yet. They are being kept alive by those of us who like to keep a souvenir of a time when technology wasn’t threatening us with the pace of its development.  ...

Read more  CB radio ,  Is cb radio dead

2023 HAPPY NEW YEAR: Big Sale

2023 HAPPY NEW YEAR: Big Sale, and by purchasing two way radio from, you will receive a headset that is compatible with walkie-talkies  ...

Read more  Big Sale

What to Do Before Putting on Ski Boots

The blog focuses on what to do before putting on your ski boots and how to care for them  ...

Read more  Ski Boots ,  skiing ,  skiing walkie talkie

br435 battery

br435 battery, this battery is a popular lithium cell that's commonly used to power fishing lures LED flashers microphones and more.  ...

Read more  br435 battery ,  Lithium Cell

How to Put on Skis

The article mainly talks about how to easily put on and take off your skis  ...

Read more  How to Put on Skis ,  Skis

Rubber ring band

Rubber ring band can protect your walkie-talkie and let you quickly identify your walkie-talkie.  ...

Read more  Rubber ring band ,  retevis Rubber ring band

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