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Ham radio suppliers

The retevis offers quality amateur radio equipment for amateur radio enthusiasts.  ...

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6m ham radio

The 6-meter band is the lowest portion of the very high frequency (VHF) radio spectrum internationally allocated to amateur radio use. The term refers to the average signal wavelength of 6 meters.  ...

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6 meter repeaters

6 meter repeaters Cavities are smaller, but still usually 4 to 5 feet tall. Offsets can be 500 KHz, 1 Mhz, sometimes more, depends on the local coordinator and the local band plan. The repeater band is much wider, and mobile antennas rarely cover more than 500 KHz.  ...

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Retevis rt68 published in magazine

Retevis rt68 license-free radio 6packs suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as hotels, warehouses and other small businesses.  ...

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A Guide for New GMRS radio comers

GMRS is a licensed radio service that uses channels around 462 MHz and 467 must get a gmrs license, and the blog talk about how to operate and use.  ...

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Best two way RETEVIS radios

This article mainly discusses the factors of choosing the best walkie talkie, help you to choose the best retevis two way radios.  ...

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5 Best Long-Range Walkie-Talkies (Two-Way Radios) 2022

The blog mainly talk about the retevis 5 best remote radios (two-way radios) in 2022,and choose the right two way radio.  ...

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Retevis Live Streaming on February 24th,10:30 am (GTM+8)

Retevis Live Streaming on February 24th,10:30 am (GTM+8)  ...

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How to check the radio license?

This article is about how to find two way radio license  ...

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Prepper TWo Way Radios:UP TO 60% OFF

When a person is in a survival situation, it usually indicates that there is some form of urgency, sometimes even an emergency.  ...

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