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How to Walk Uphill on Skis

To navigate a ski area, you’ll need to learn how to walk uphill on skis, With skis parallel to each other, Roll your skis slightly on their sides or edges toward the slope.  ...

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NOAA Weather alarm 

If you want to know the weather forecast, please check NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE,choose the NOAA Weather two way radio,ip67 waterproof, noaa weather function.  ...

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How to Glide on Skis?

The article mainly tells how the beginners of skiing slide on the skateboard  ...

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What does air band mean?

Airband or aircraft band is the name of a group of frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum allocated to civil aviation radiocommunications, also known as VHF or "Victor".  ...

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RT76P Firmware and software update

RT76P Firmware and software update  ...

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MARRY Christmas:10% off sitewide

MARRY Christmas:10% off sitewide, Come and shop for great Christmas gifts for your family and friends.  ...

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Learn the Proper Ski Stance

Learn the Proper Ski Stance  ...

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vhf uhf swr meter

The article talks about what is SWR meter and the function of SWR meter, and SWR Range Explanations  ...

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Avalanche Safety Gear and Checklist

Avalanche Safety Gear and Checklist: Avalanche Transceiver,Snow Probe,Snow shovel  ...

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