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Skiing Communication

Retail Communication

Convenient and fast communication brings the best customer experience.

Suitable radio communication equipment helps you to provide more professional, better quality and more efficient services to customers. Win reputation for the brand and get more orders for the company.

Unlicensed Two-Way

Exclusive Shop

Unlicensed Two-Way Radios

There are no learning costs and no fees for frequencies and licenses.

Easy to use

fewer features, easier to grasp how to use. It's also easier to focus on your work.

Low power long endurance

stores are generally indoors, working range is not large. 0.5/2w enough to cover about the place.

Lightweight and compact

the simplification of the function, yes the size can be made more compact. Power is small, the battery weight can be reduced a lot. The overall equipment is more lightweight and compact, easy to carry.

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GMRS Licensed Two-Way Radios

Super Market

Full-power Two-Way Radios

The maximum power of the handheld walkie-talkie is 5w. The greater power allows the radio waves to travel farther.

More quantity and More professional channels to avoid conflicts.

5w handheld dedicated channel, separated from the license-free public channel. Can store 30~128 channel data, over 260 privacy codes to eliminate channel conflicts.

More accessories, more convenient to use

Headphones can be used for handheld wireless movie hiding, which can free both hands without having to hold the walkie talkie all the time. Make work more convenient and efficient. 6-link charging can charge 6 radios at the same time. Convenient for centralized management.

Cooperate with the relay station to solve the dead angle of communication.

The certificate holder can log in to the transfer station. Thereby expanding the radio communication range. Break through obstacles to achieve coverage without dead ends and obtain longer communication distances.

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Emporium Two-way Radios


Clear voice and stable signal

Due to the marginal effect of the analog signal, the signal will be lost and the sound distortion will be relatively large. Digital signals have no marginal effects, and the processing of digital signals can filter out more noise. The sound of digital radio is high fidelity, always clear and sharp.

Cluster communication makes communication more efficient

Because the radio is a one-to-many communication method. When multiple groups of communication bring too much redundant information, the efficiency is reduced. The digital machine reduces the interference of redundant information through independent calling, group communication, and group communication. Improve communication efficiency.

Digital voice encrypted communication

Digital radio uses advanced algorithms to process digital signals, which is true voice encryption. Let business information circulate in a closed environment. Can well protect customer privacy and company's commercial secrets.

More safety functions to ensure that employees complete their work safely and efficiently.

Advanced functions such as GPS positioning, trajectory tracking, independent work, fall alarm, and even electronic fences. It can effectively screen the safety status of employees, discover dangers in time, and provide assistance and rescue at the first time.

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Warehouse Store Two-way Radios

Warehouse Store

Improve signal coverage and eliminate signal blind spots.

The Warehouse Store is very large. There are metal shelves up to 18 feet indoors, and the shelves are full of goods. These walls, which are several times thicker than real walls, have a great shielding effect on radio signals. And hundreds of such shelves. This series of products can increase the coverage rate and improve the problem of signal dead ends. Let employees communicate more smoothly.

Let communication pass through the shield

The warehouse store’s outdoor parking lot has 200 or more parking spaces. The communication of outdoor staff is also very important. However, the tall building of the Warehouse Store was built with a metal frame. While being sturdy, shielding walls are also built indoors and outdoors. This series of products can establish communication channels indoors and outdoors (underground and above ground). Let the signal penetrate the shielded wall, and indoor and outdoor employees can communicate unimpeded.

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Shopping mall Two-way Radios

Shopping mall

Internet connection method

The shopping mall is in an adjoining building complex or in a large building. The area is large, the height difference is large, and the building is complex. This series builds a distributed network through the Internet. Make the communication of various regions coordinated and unified.

Support multiple network connection methods

The environment is complex, and some areas may not have a wired network. But this series supports multiple networking methods such as wired network, WiFi and 4G network. Installation is more flexible and implementation is more convenient.

Distributed cloud control

A distributed system is a loosely coupled system formed by interconnecting multiple processors through communication lines. It has the characteristics of distribution, autonomy, parallelism, and overall. It is geographically dispersed and can be scattered in a unit, a city, a country, or even a global scale. Each node contains its own information processing unit, and there is no distinction between primary and secondary. It can work autonomously, and can use shared communication lines to transmit information and coordinate task processing. Each node can cooperate in a unified manner, or work independently in the area. There is no distinction between local communication and remote communication, and the communication terminal does not need to distinguish between networking and local communication. Can be connected intelligently.

Intelligent management

User differentiation, cross-region roaming, cross-domain clustering, scheduling integration, trajectory tracking, global broadcast, single call/group call/all, electronic fence, flexible IP group and other functions. It is easy to manage complex departmental configurations and a huge number of terminals.

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Retail Communication

Retail Communication

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