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  1. Retevis RB36 is an FRS license-free radio.
  2. Can be hung or fixed to the wall or desktop for easy use.
  3. High power, wide coverage.
  4. It is good for business.
$44.99 $121.99 (63% off)
  1. RT73 is a DMR Ham mobile radio for Amateurs.
  2. The mini size occupies the space of a palm.
  3. Analog and digital mode combined, can help you connect to more radios.
  4. GPS gives you a clear idea of your location even in the wild.
    Note: 25 kHz channel space is not available in USA because of FCC Narrowbanding Requirements.
$179.00 $413.99 (56% off)
  1. No need duplexer.
  2. 2.0-inch color IPS full-view LCD large screen display, soft keyboard operation.
  3. Portable design, fast deployment.
  4. Zone selected Single frequency transfer, Multiple call method options, and SMS Function.
  5. Digital processed voice, clear and loud.
$985.99 $1,548.99 (36% off)
  1. Retevis RB25 is a digital radio in the UHF frequency range.
  2. High power, long-distance.
  3. Durable Rugged Shell.
$53.99 $81.99 (34% off)

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Shooting Hearing Protection Compact Foldable Portable Hearing Protection Hearing Block Safety Earmuffs Sound Reduction Perfect For Hunting Range Studio Lawn Mower For Men Women Adults

$17.99 $34.99 (48% off)

Retevis RT97 GMRS band Repeater

$290.99 $536.99 (45% off)

Channel number Display mini and lightweight license-free radios

$29.99 $61.99 (51% off)

For Custom Frequency, it takes usually 2 weeks to Ship.

Retevis RT97P full-duplex mini base station mobile repeater designed to expand the transmission range of walkie talkies or mobile radios, greatly improving your communication capabilities.

Frequency Range 136-174MHz/400-470MHzNote: Transmit and receive frequencies to be customized

Suitable for outdoor activities such as car racing, concerts, ball games, construction sites, natural disasters, rescue, mountaineering, etc.

$570.99 $1,239.99 (53% off)

1, License-free Band 860MHz For Europe Coutries

2, Delivery time: About 15 business days.



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