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ham radio prep

ham radio prep

ham radio prep

Ham Radio Prep was founded in 2016 by a group of amateur radio operators with one simple mission - to make it fast, easy and fun to get more people licensed and involved in amateur radio.

The first ham radio course is from Ham Radio Prep. In order to incentivize you and to make you feel more comfortable spending money with them, they offer a free 5-minute lesson just for you to see if the course is for you.

They have appeared on a number of media sites including the Daily Herald and, ham radio courses from Ham Radio Prep is also perhaps one of the most renowned.

The courses offered by Ham Radio Prep are for the first two tiers (technician license course and general license course). The technician license offers certification for most amateur and handheld radios, while the general license expands to other radios and HF bands.

You learn through a series of interactive videos and they teach with the correct answers. People learn differently and Ham Radio Prep makes sure to use multiple modes of learning.


  • Free 5 minute trial class
  • Offers certification for technician and general licenses
  • Video teaching
  • Teaching with right answers by highlighting them
  • Offers practice exams
  • Study anywhere
  • Money-back guarantee (plus exam fee) if you don’t pass
  • Affordable


    • No books
    • Online Ham Radio Classes Choosing Guide

    • What’s free isn’t always what’s best, and websites without instructors could have zero customer service. Let’s take a look at important factors to look for when choosing your next class

    • Coverage

      Take a look at what the lesson covers. Do they offer courses for all three license classes (technician, general and extra) or just one? For those who are just looking to get started, the technician class is most important and one offered by all online classes.

      If you would like to obtain the more advanced licenses, you will need to look for a school that offers the general and/or extra class courses as well. 


      What materials are available to you from the school? Is it a series of online documents? Do they include books and online services or is it just through video guides? 


      How much time will it take? Can it be done at your own pace? In general, a technician license will equate to 10 hours of study time, the general license will be 20 and the most advanced extra class is 60. 


      How much is the course? Any course shouldn’t bring the price up to the triple digits. They should remain in the lower to mid-end of the double digits.

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