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Two Way: Walkie Talkie

Two Way: Walkie Talkie

Two Way: Walkie Talkie

Two Way is a walkie talkie application that allows any number of users to talk to each other instantly. There is no signup required and no personal information is ever collected. Two Way's simple user interface is easy to use. Start talking to your friends, co-workers, or family members now.

Two Way: Walkie Talkie could not be any simpler. Just open it up, dial into a random channel, and start talking. There's no signup, no usernames or passwords, and no configuration.

There's also no privacy. All channels are public, so if you happen to pick one that someone else is already using, you'll be able to hear their conversation and even join in, if you want. With a million channels to choose from, it's an unlikely scenario. Just make sure you steer clear of the obvious channel numbers, like 000000.

You need to share your chosen channel number with your friends so they can dial in. Also, you must keep the app running to hear their calls. For a no-frills, no-fuss service, this is hard to beat.

And TWO WAY is one of the best walkie talkie apps

This APP has a lot of praise, and I will show it to you next.

"It's truly a real walkie talkie! This app is so freaking cool! It literally makes your phone Into a legit, push-to-talk walkie talkie....only cooler bcuz there is no limit to the range of distance you can be away from the other device. If you need a walkie talkie quick status, this is absolutely the app you should download. Super duper easy to use and quick transformation from phone to walkie talkie. No annoying ads. I have not one bad thing to say about this app. It's awesome"

"This is working well. It requires all users to have the app “open” in the background. Haven’t been able to figure out how to make it open when called by someone unless it is running already. It also requires users to put a bullseye on the map where your group is located. That is a one time deal and no worries. Everyone in your group has to select a common operating “channel” which is a number you choose. Very simple and just a one time deal. Pretty good app Would hope in the future that it can tell you there is traffic with an alert so you can open the app if you are called."

"This app is pretty fun to use and communicating with people around you or just about anybody. You can even pick up people talking in different languages or all kinds of different people. You can go on any channel you want to just like any walkie-talkie those. Also, for those of you who keeps complaining that somebody keeps getting on your channel, just change the frequency of the channel! It's seriously is not that hard to figure out. For those of you who actually have had a regular walkie-talkie, it's no different. It's obviously what happens. I needed to say that because when I was looking at reviews of this app, people kept on complaining that it was being interrupted by people. Some people just do not know at all! I guess some people did not know, anyway. Back to my review. There are some words that should be done using voiceover screen reader that is when you want to change your channel or whatever. This also happened on one of the options were just says button instead of the actual thing. Overall it is really fun!"

 TWO WAY,  two way radio app

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