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RT649P the best waterproof walkie talkies for kayaking

Retevsi RT649P is the waterproof walkie talkies, the portable license-free PMR446 waterproof floating two way radios. The best IP67 waterproof two way radios for kayaking and fishing  ...

Read more  Retevis RT649P,  Waterproof walkie talkies,  waterproof handheld walkie talkies

New GMRS Handheld Radio RA85 is coming

New GMRS Handheld Radio RA85 is coming  ...

Read more  Retevis RA85,  GMRS TWO WAY RADIO,  60channels GMRS radios

55% discount on Dual PTT Handheld Ham Radio RT52

Big discount on Dual PTT handheld Amateur Radio RT52  ...

Read more  Retevis RT52,  Ham radio for beginners,  Dual PTT ham radio

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