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RT97 is an economic and performance repeater to expand the handheld radios range. If you would like to expand more distance based on the Retevis RT97 repeater, you can use RT91 Power Amplifier to expand the handheld radios range  ...

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Best handheld gmrs radio 2022

If you are an adventure seeker, and love to spend your time outdoors, cell phones aren’t a reliable option. It can become a huge problem if something goes wrong and you are unable to contact the rest of your group. This is where the best GMRS radio comes in as an affordable and efficient option for off-grid communications.  ...

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Two way radio headset

retevis 2 way radio headset convey and receive critical commands while keeping your hands free for other tasks. Retevis headsets provide high-clarity, hands-free, discreet two-way communication. A variety of solutions are available to meet your needs - ultra-light to heavy-duty, in-the-ear or behind-the-head models.  ...

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RT97 Mobile Portable Repeater Sale UP TO 53% OFF + FREE RADIOS

RT97 Mobile Portable Repeater Sale UP TO 53% OFF + FREE RADIOS  ...

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Retevis Two Way Radios

Retevis Two Way Radios, long range radios, gmrs radios,frs radios, pmr446 radios, waterproof radios, licese-free radios,NOAA radios, repeater,and walkie talkie for adults,walkie talkie for outdoor,walkie talkie for hotel,walkie talkie for restaurant  ...

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RT97 Portable Repeater Mobile Repeater Promotion

RT97 Portable GMRS Repeater Mobile Repeater promotion  ...

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How to upgrade your RA85 GMRS radio?

RA85 GMRS radio has upgraded to meet the need of GMRS radio operators, and it becomes the best GMRS radio.  ...

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What is a radio repeater system?

Radio repeater is widely used in hams and businesses, how to find the uhf repeater near me? And how to connect to a repeater?  ...

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How to choose an antenna to your mobile radio

The mobile radios are always work on UHF frequency band and dual-band, how to choose an antenna for your radio, how to choose your vhf mobile antenna  ...

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What is the Function of a Radio Repeater

Repeaters help with the problem of line of sight in conventional communications, which are often used in emergency services, public transportation, and amateur radio hobbyists  ...

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