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Handheld Two-Way Radio

RETEVIS Handheld Two-Way Radio responds quickly with low cost and does not rely on telecommunications networks. Very suitable for staff who communicate frequently.

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If need programming cable, order here:C9118A

1. PMR radio with 16 channels/ License-free walkie talkie with a small display.

2. License-free walkie talkie.

3. Vibrating walkie talkie suitable for noisy places.

4. Suitable for hunting, camping, and others.

5,NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download

$14.99 $36.99 -59%

FreeNet License-free Mobile radio RT98

NOTE: Programming software: please click "support"  to download

$53.99 $135.99 -60%

1, No distance Limited POC Radio

2, Suitable for 3G, 4G and Wifi Network

3, Support PTT APP

Note: SIM cards cannot be used, AT&T needs a contract machine to access the network, and only machines with permission to access the network can use their cards. It is recommended to select "Internet of Things Card", which requires the device to enable roaming mode.
Purchase can refer to: https://reurl.cc/g0YDLb

$125.99 $202.99 -37%


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