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Two Way Radios For Warehouse


Warehouse employees are often spread throughout a large area, which can make communications difficult and time consuming. Two way radios provide instant communications through your entire operation, which not only saves time and creates more productivity - it also improves workplace safety.

In warehouses, where employees are mobile and commonly carry materials and work around machinery, radio durability is critical. Lightweight radios aren't good at handling abuse, so we recommend models that meet military specifications for durability and are resistant to water and dust.

Two watt radios will provide sufficient range for most applications, but for larger buildings we recommend 4 watt radios with repeater capability. UHF signals provide a lot of flexibility, operating well both outdoors and in and around structures. If workers are divided into distinct groups or teams, a radio supporting multiple channels will be important. This will allow each group to keep their communications to themselves, while providing the flexibility to communicate with other groups as needed.


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