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Basic electronics

The blog mainly talk about the Introduction To Basic Electronics  ...

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RB68 Portable License Free FRS Handheld Two Way Radio

The retevis RB68 portable license-free radio, equipped with powerful flashlight and emergency alarm alert, and With 1200mAh large capacity Li-ion battery; usually takes 3-4 hours to fully charge for small business area.  ...

Read more  retevis RB68,  portable radio

Scanner Antenna Ultimate Guide

The blog mainly talk about scan antenna basics and how to buy a scanner antenna  ...

Read more  scanner antenna,  "Yagi” antennas

2 meter band

The blog mainly talk about what is the 2 meter band, how does the 2-Meter Amateur Radio Band work and about 2 meter band FAQ.  ...

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FCC itinerant frequencies

The blog mainly talk about what is the Itinerant channels and Itinerant frequencies and how to get the Business Radio Licensing.  ...

Read more  FCC itinerant frequencies,  Itinerant Frequencies

Fcc list of ham radio operators

The blog mainly talk about what is the ham radio and ham radio operators  ...

Read more  Fcc list of ham radio operators,  FCC,  ham radio

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

This article mainly talks about what is the FCC and FCC Regulations, FCC Approvals, FCC Organizatio.  ...

Read more  FCC,  Federal Communications Commission

Retevis Flash Sale:countdown 8 hours

Retevis Flash Sale:countdown 8 hours,and order the two way radio by the lowest price  ...

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How to Listen to Your Local Air Traffic Control

This article focuses on the types of aeronautical radio signals and common commercial frequencies  ...

Read more  Aircraft frequencies near me,  Aircraft frequencies

All band transceiver

This article mainly talks about the all band transceiver-retevis RA685  ...

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