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RT40 PMR446 Handheld DMR Radio with squelch function

RT40 PMR446 Handheld DMR Radio with squelch function, Strict squelch: the call distance is 1.4 kilometers.Normal squelch: the call distance is 1.7 kilometers.  ...

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Ham radio cheat sheet

This article mainly discusses the Ham Radio Cheat Sheet, including Technician Level Frequency Privileges in Ham Radio, General Class Frequency Privileges, Ham Radio Q Signals and yeyu  ...

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Ham radio kits to build

This article mainly discusses which equipment should be purchased for ham radio kits, and recommends some ham radio kitsc  ...

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NEW DMR RADIO:RT40 License Free PMR446 Handheld DMR Radio

Retevis RT40 is the First License-Free PMR446 DMR Radio,48 Channels (3 Zones), AES 128 Bit Encryption.  ...

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Ham radio shack ideas

The article mainly discusses how to build a ham radio shack, and the considerations of building a ham radio shack  ...

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What are the noaa weather radio frequencies?

This article discusses what NOAA weather radio is, how to listen to NOAA radio, and what are the noaa radio frequenecies  ...

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Ham radio license manual

The article focuses on the introduction of ham radio license manual, basic knowledge and radio equipment  ...

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Ham radio mobile mounting solutions

The article focuses on how to install ham mobile radio in your car  ...

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mobile radio active

mobile radio active  ...

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Ham radio cell phone

We’re living in an age where everyone around us has a cell phone. They’ve become the dominant form of communication, to the point where most young people don’t bother with landlines anymore. So naturally, the question occurs—could you communicate, using an amateur radio, with cell phones?  ...

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