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Two Way Radios For Golf Course

Golf Course

With golf courses, staff can be spread out over a fairly large area, making communications costly and time consuming. Two way radios allow staff to communicate instantly, saving money by increasing efficiency and allowing you to provide better service to players. Radios (or walkie talkies) can provide benefit for many different segments of golf course staff, including: grounds keepers, wait staff, irrigation specialists, course managers, caddies, teachers, pro shop staff, restaurant managers, beverage cart operators, maintenance staff, custodians, and more.

With golf courses, exactly which radio to choose is not as straightforward as with some other types of businesses. Radios using UHF frequencies are the most popular, as they work well both indoors and out. However, radios using VHF frequencies will provide better range if you are using the radios in a fairly open area and only outdoors. Very large golf courses will require powerful 4 watt radios or even repeaters in order to get communications throughout the entire area, while standard two watt radios are sufficient for most.

If you have questions about which radio would work well for your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our most popular radios for golf courses are listed below.


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