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The only video walkie talkie on the market
Easy to use and rechargeable
Lightweight and easy to carry
Best gift for girls and boys  


License free waterproof walkie talkies Green

Super resistance to fall and durability


Complete functions to make travel safer
Simple operation and high cost performance


Start your new Adventure Trip

No matter go Hiking,Camping,Climbing,Driving etc.

RT45 will make your Trip more significant


for Retevis RT24 Two Way Radio


RT41 radios with Weather Alert


IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof.


Fashionable and Thin Body Digital FM Radio


  1. Portable
  2. Ultrathin fuselage
  3. License free



  • Mini body, compact, easy one-handed operation;
  • High quality batteries for long time calls;
  • USB Type-C jack, support multiple charging methods.


Direct Mode/Dual Capacity Direct Mode (DCDM)


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