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Long-distance outdoor children's walkie talkie
Good quality and low price, suitable for boys and girls
Simple operation with buttons, very popular
perfect educational toy


 Flexible IP networking: The device is connected in an IP interconnection mode, and supports wired access mode or wireless access modes such as WIFI, 3G/4G, and satellite communication to implement voice and data communication.

$2,990.99 $5,161.99 (42% off)
  1. IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof business radios can be used in rainy and dust workplaces.
  2. The VHF+UHF frequency range can work with more radios and users.
  3. The programming cable is J9137P

Unique outdoor compass toy walkie talkie
Clear call, with lanyard, easy to carry
Essential tools for children's outdoor equipment

  • License-free Radio with 2pcs in package
  • 11 NOAA weather Channels family friendly radio
$32.99 $42.99 (23% off)
  1. Retevis RT76 Handheld GMRS Long Range Walkie Talkies.
  2. GMRS Two-Way radios.
  3. GMRS Repeater Capable.
  4. the best and most capable GMRS radio available.

High quality outdoor walkie talkie
Good communication quality, easy to carry
Full-featured and easy to operate
One of the necessary equipment for Scouts activities

  1. Retevis RT43 is a DMR radio in the UHF frequency range. Users can program the channel according to their needs.
  2. High/Low power switch according to your call environment.
  3. Connect to the repeater to extend the communication distance.
$54.99 $104.99 (47% off)
  1. RT15 is a license-free walkie talkie for most people.
  2. RT15 is small and lightweight for business radio.
  3. The programming cable is C9018A

Children's favorite children's toy walkie-talkie
Lightweight, ears will flash, and it looks better at night
Install the battery,Clear sound

  1. Small and light, compact, easy one-handed operation;
  2. High quality batteries for long time calls;
  3. Mini USB jack, support multiple charging methods.
  4. Multiple functions,keystrokes easy,convenience
  • Free Luminous Speaker Mic
  • 66-88MHZ Mobile Radio
$137.99 $237.99 (42% off)
  1. Rechargeable walkie talkies toy for kids
  2. With Li-ion battery and charger
  3. Small and exquisite, easy to carry
  4. 2 sets of power-saving 2 way radios
  1. Portable
  2. Ultrathin fuselage
  3. License free


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