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Portable LCD CTCSS/DCS Decoder Power Meter

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KM-562+ Portable LCD Display CTCSS/DCS Decoder Frequency/Power Meter

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Black  KM-562+ Portable LCD Display CTCSS/DCS Decoder Frequency/Power Meter  100MHz~520MHz /1-30W
Hot Spot:

  • Frosted iron shell -Sturdy and durable

  • Exclusive CTCSS indicator

  • Not only detect frequency but also detect the  radio power

This  Meter using dot-matrix LCD display is designed to detect frequency, power,  CTCSS and DCS of radio device. This meter is equipped with an antenna and a  feeder with a BNC terminal. When you detect frequency and decode CTCSS and DCS.  This Meter adopts the antenna inductively measure, without the use of the feeder, direct detect, convenient and quick. When you detect radio power, you need to use the feeder to connect the meter to the radio.


  • All of our items are Brand New.

  • Frequency range: 100MHz-520MHz. (Note:  330-390 MHz only frequency can be measured, cannot measure CTCSS/DCS.)

  • Power range: 1-30W

  • Detect CTSS/DCS code within a second

  • Uplink displays frequency; downlink displays  CTCSS

  • Front and rear shells are made of Frosted  iron shell which eliminating the fissile and fragile trouble from plastic  housing

  • The best distance between the detected device  and this Meter is 2-20cm

  • KM-562+ Dimensions: 10(L) X5.5(W) X2(H) cm  (not include antenna)

  • Auto power off: 1 minute

  • Net Weight: 173g


  • Long Press - Power on/power off

  • Quickly press - reset (re-test)

  • Error value - ± 0.003

Notice: This meter only suitable for hand-held radio, not apply to mobile radio due to its high power. If the feeder terminal is not available for your walkie-talkie, you can find a connector in our store.

Package Includes:

  • 1 X  KM-562+ Frequency/power Counter

  • 1 X  Antenna

  • 1 X BNC  feeder

  • 1 X  charger

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