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Antenna mount

People who mount antennas to their vehicles, but need a universal connector because they’re probably going to change the antenna a few times over.  ...

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NMO antenna mounts

NMO stands for "New Motorola Mount", an extremely popular antenna mount that securely hold mobile antennas on vehicles.  ...

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How to choose the best mobile antenna?

When choosing the best mobile antenna you need to consider what frequency to use and where to use it  ...

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Best Mobile HAM Radio Antenna

Best Mobile HAM Radio Antenna  ...

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What is a Whip Antenna?

What is a Whip Antenna?  ...

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SMA-F MURS Antenna for Retevis RT21V Radio

SMA-F MURS Antenna for Retevis RT21V Radio  ...

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GMRS Handheld Radio antenna

GMRS Handheld Radio antenna  ...

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How to install a car antenna?

install a car antenna  ...

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2 meter mobile antenna

. In this article, we will cover antennas and wavelength, in more detail. Understanding the properties of antennas and learning some basics of theory, will help you to find the right equipment to meet your individual needs. You may have heard people refer to different frequency parts of the spectrum as “meter” instead of “megahertz.”  ...

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6 meter mobile antenna

Antennas are always fascinating, with lots and lots of options from homebrew to buy it off the shelf. Then there’s six meters, the Magic Band, where the antennas are small enough to fit in your backyard or even your attic. I’ve tried a few along the way. Here’s the rundown.  ...

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