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Amateur Radio and FCC Ham Licenses

The blog talk about Amateur Radio is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the Communications Act of 1934. It is also subject to numerous international agreements. All Amateur Radio operators must be licensed.  ...

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55% discount on Dual PTT Handheld Ham Radio RT52

Big discount on Dual PTT handheld Amateur Radio RT52  ...

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The article is about what ham radio is and how to learn ham class and get ham license  ...

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Retevis RT82 end sales-Only 50pcs

RT82 is the dual band dual mode handheld ham radio. It is the classic Ham Radio, and very popular in Ham group.    ...

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Full power two way radio

RT85 Full power UV dual band ham two way radio  ...

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How to set encryption on Ailunce HD1?

This section mainly talks about the use of radio communication, if you want to encrypt the call, you can use aliunce HD1, and how to set the encryption on Ailunce HD1  ...

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Amateur radio bands

Amateur radio bands  ...

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Hamfest 2022

Hamfest 2022  ...

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Amateur Radio Service

Amateur Radio Service  ...

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Amateur Radios/HAM Radios UP TO 62% OFF

Amateur Radios/HAM Radios UP TO 62% OFF  ...

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