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Digital mobile radio

Digital Mobile Radio, or DMR for short, is a digital two-way radio standard offered by ETSI for global use. It is an open standard designed primarily to replace the aging analogue standards with double the channel capacity, providing cost optimised, secure and reliable communications for professional mobile users.

One of the reasons DMR provides such an easy migration path for existing analogue radio users is that it operates within the existing 12.5 kHz channel spacing used in licensed land mobile frequency bands globally. This removes the need for time consuming and expensive frequency re-cycling or special frequencies allocation. Most manufacturers enable mixed fleets of analogue and digital radios to operate together to enable a gradual transition.

The great benefit of DMR is that it provides two voice channels for every one analogue channel through the use of two-slot TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology, which divides a 12.5 kHz channel into two independent time slots. It also means DMR achieves the 6.25 kHz channel equivalence (6.25e), specified by many global regulators seeking greater spectral efficiency.

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  1. High Power, long range radio
  2. VHF radio
  3. Call Encryption function 
$107.99 $154.99 (30% off)

Professional RB22 DMR ham radio works in a UHF frequency band.

It is the first semi-keyboard ham radio that brings a new experience.

And the 1.77-inch color screen can provide a wonderful visual experience.

More importantly, you can use it in your business because of the features and features that make employees enjoy their work more.

$142.99 $183.39 (22% off)

>Detachable speaker
>High sound quality
>UHF Full-Frequency Radio
>Digital and analog compatible

$99.99 $247.99 (59% off)

long range waterproof walkie talkies

$121.99 $259.99 (53% off)
  1. RT83 is a DMR business radio, a clearer voice for users.
  2. IP67 waterproof and dustproof can be used in wet and dust workplaces.
  3. The screen and keyboard can help users using more convenience.
  4. RT83 high power radio with high/low transmit power.
  5. The programming cable is J9137P
$90.99 $202.99 (55% off)
$121.99 $283.99 (57% off)
  1. RT52 is a licensed DMR radio.
  2. VHF&UHF frequency band can talk to more people.
  3. Dual PTT keys simplify call operations.
  4. lone worker function is suitable for individuals.
  5. The programming cable is J9110P
$83.99 $186.99 (55% off)
  1. Retevis RT43 is a DMR radio in the UHF frequency range. Users can program the channel according to their needs.
  2. High/Low power switch according to your call environment.
  3. Connect to the repeater to extend the communication distance.
$56.99 $104.99 (45% off)

  1. High Power, long range radio
  2. IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof
  3. Call Encryption function 
$97.99 $137.99 (28% off)
  1. RT50 is a DMR radio with both digital and analog coding ways to help users talk to more radios.
  2. The IP67 waterproof and dustproof function can help users use them in dust and wet or rainy environments.
  3. The hidden display can help users check the information.
  4. The programming cable is C9018A
$101.99 $175.99 (42% off)

1. Tier-2 DMR Standard of ETSITS102-361.
2. TIA/EIA-603C and MIL-STD-810Standard.
3. Maximal power 25W/50W, increases the communication distance and reliability.

$1,371.99 $2,064.99 (33% off)

FM Radio, Straight dual time slot 
Reverse Frequency, Screen upside-down
Mixed receive.

$56.99 $134.99 (57% off)

Please Choose GPS or Non-GPS as your requirement

$82.99 $186.99 (55% off)

Retevis RT97P full duplex mini base station mobile repeater designed to expand the transmission range of walkie talkies or mobile radios, greatly improving your communication capabilities.

Frequency TX 463.3125MHz / RX 453.3125MHz

Suitable for outdoor activities such as car racing, concerts, ball games, construction sites, natural disasters, rescue, mountaineering and so on.

$520.99 $1,239.99 (57% off)


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