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Walkie talkie Two-way Repeater Box

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Use for digital and analog two way radio

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  1. Two-way of the  radios can both transmit and receive in VHF or UHF band.

  2. V-U cross can also communicate.

  3. Use for  digital two way radio.

  4. Alloymaterial more durable  and firm to use for a long time.

  5. The cableis 85cm.

  6. Easy to use , just link the two way radio with the  repeater box , no power supply required.

  7. You can just change the cables to make it work for radios  with other types of jack.


* The link between the relay station and relay station
* The weak signal zone  coverage
*Different frequency communication
*Underground communication
* Emergency rescuecommunication
* V-U cross band communication
* Ham DIY
* Large activities and other occasions emergency use!

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1x Walkie talkie Two-way Repeater Box

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